Functional Annotation Service

Functional annotation is the process of attaching biological information to a gene or protein sequence. The basic level of annotation is to use the sequence alignment tool BLAST to find similarities, and then annotate genes or proteins based on this. However, nowadays, more and more biological function additional information is added to the annotation system. Additional information allows manual annotation to distinguish genes or proteins with the same annotation. By sequencing many genomes, computational annotation methods for characterizing genes and proteins from their sequences have become increasingly important.

Overall solutions

Functional annotation services have been widely used in the bioinformatics of omics research. CD ComputaBio can provide customers with a variety of functional annotation services, such as GO annotation and enrichment analysis, KEGG annotation and enrichment analysis, COG/KOG annotation, domain annotation and enrichment analysis, and subcellular location. As one of the world's leading companies in the omics industry, we are happy to provide you with functional annotation and richness analysis services. CD ComputaBio can provide you with the following services but not limited to:

Functional Annotation Service

  • Domain annotation
  • Domain enrichment
  • Subcellular localization¬†
  • Directed acyclic graph (DAG)
  • GO enrichment analysis
  • Gene set enrichment analysis

Our services

Project name Functional annotation service
Our services
  • Identifying portions of the genome that do not code for proteins.
  • Identifying elements on the genome, a process called gene prediction.
  • Attaching biological information to these elements.
Screening cycle Decide according to your needs.
Deliverables We provide you with raw data and analysis service.
Price Inquiry

CD ComputaBio' functional annotation service can significantly reduce the cost and labor of the subsequent experiments. Functional annotation service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Each project needs to be evaluated before the corresponding analysis plan and price can be determined. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.

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