Applications of Biological Data Analysis


Applications of Biological Data Analysis

Biologists have upgraded the understanding of biological processes by using various experimental and bioinformatics methods, which has led to the accumulation of a massive amount of biological and clinical data. Without proper data processing and analysis tools, researchers can be overwhelmed, especially without proper training or lack of knowledge about programming, statistics, and modeling. Therefore, custom data analysis services are becoming increasingly important in the biological sciences and can undoubtedly facilitate the research cycle.

Biological Data AnalysisFigure 1. Biological Data Analysis.


  • Biomarker identification

Using ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, miRNA sequencing, 4C-Seq, microarray, mass spectrometry experiments, and other data types, you can quickly identify and verify biomarkers.

  • Biological model

Graph theory and other methods provide scientific support for the system reconstruction and analysis of biological pathways and networks from the observed data.

  • Image analysis

Microscopy technology is the key to analyze biological systems of all sizes, from the structure of biomolecules to cells and the entire organs.

  • Statistical data analysis and programming

Apply developed statistical methods such as testing, regression, clustering, classification, error rate, resampling, quality control, outlier detection and programming to a wide range of topics in biological research, including data encoding and management, comprehensive univariate and multivariate analysis, large-scale medical data analysis, and etc.

  • Data visualization

As part of biological sciences, data visualization is an essential method to understand the acquired data and disseminate knowledge.

  • Structural biology

Large amounts of data can be generated from structural biology projects. Model quality evaluation and optimization are also performed to evaluate and ensure reliability.

 Applications of Biological Data Analysis

Our Features

  • Using the most advanced tools to analyze and interpret data.
  • Project report with detailed analysis procedures.
  • Experts who can provide technical consultation and experimental design.
  • Introduction of results and digital compilation of publications.

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