Drug Repositioning Service

Drug Repositioning Service

New drug development is a high failure rate, costly and slow process. Repurposing old drugs (also known as drug repositioning) has the advantage of low R&D cost and short development time, so it is becoming increasingly attractive to repurpose old drugs to treat common and rare diseases. Drug repositioning is highly effective and cost-efficient, especially in sudden-onset diseases and rare diseases. Although various data and experimental methods are available to help screen candidates for drug repositioning, the main technical approaches and challenges they face still need to be addressed. CD ComputaBio now offers professional drug repositioning service to meet your research needs.

Drug Repositioning Service Process

CD ComputaBio offers specialized drug repositioning services. Our strategy for drug repositioning consists of three steps before bringing a drug candidate into the development process.

  • STEP 1: Discovery of candidate molecules for a given indication (hypothesis generation)
  • STEP 2: Mechanistic assessment of drug action in preclinical models
  • STEP 3: Assessment of efficacy in phase II clinical trials (assuming adequate safety data from phase I studies conducted as part of the original indication)

It is critical to find the right drug that is highly plausible for a given indication.

Our Methods for Drug Repositioning

Methods for drug repositioning can be subdivided into computational and experimental approaches, and both methods are often used in concert.

Drug Repositioning Service1

  • Computational approaches include: signature matching, molecular docking, gene association, pathway mapping, retrospective clinical analysis, and new data resource approaches.
  • Experimental methods include: combination assays to identify relevant target interactions and phenotypic screening.

Our Advantages

  • CD ComputaBio specializes in drug repositioning service and we are committed to contributing to more customers and we can provide all services related to drug repositioning service.
  • CD ComputaBio cooperates with scientists from many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide quality assurance services.
  • We have established a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with efficient, fast and practical solutions.

Our Capabilities

CD ComputaBio offers you a complete range of drug repositioning services. We have established a complete and professional computing platform. We can help design the details of drug repositioning services through rigorous quality control and advanced computational platforms. With deep scientific literacy and years of industry experience, our team brings increasingly deeper expertise and rich experience to our clients. We will complete your project on time and efficiently.

Our Features

  • We have a better integrated platform for data analysis.
  • We have better access to the industry's preclinical and clinical compounds.
  • We have greater access to the industry's Phase II-IV clinical trial data.
  • We will focus on the safety of new use drugs.

CD ComputaBio is a high-tech company focused on computational biology. We are dedicated to provide professional computer-aided drug design solutions. If you have a need in computational biology, please feel free to contact us.

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