Protein Sequence Analysis Service

Protein sequence analysis is used to determine the amino acid sequence of proteins or protein parts (peptides, oligopeptides). The amino acid sequence can be used in bioinformatics analysis to predict the structure and possible function of the protein. By studying the similarity between different sequences, protein functions are revealed. Many tools and techniques are available today to analyze the alignment products and provide sequence comparisons to study their biology. We are proud to be one of the few suppliers to provide you the most accurate protein sequence analysis services.

Protein sequence analysis service.Figure 1. Protein sequence analysis service.

Overall solutions

CD ComputaBio can provide you with a variety of protein sequence analysis services. We provide protein sequence analysis by classifying proteins into protein families and predicting structural domains and important sites.

  • Sequence identity-the exact same amino acid exists at the same position in two sequences.
  • Sequence similarity-Sequences that are aligned by applying possible substitutions that are scored based on the probability of occurrence.
  • Sequence homology-reflects the evolutionary relationship between sequences.

Our methods

Protein Sequence Analysis Service 2

  • Bayesian Network method
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Artificial Neural Network method
  • Regression Analysis
  • Alignment-free sequence analysis

Our services

Project name Protein Sequence Analysis Service
Samples requirement Our protein sequence analysis service requires you to provide specific requirements.
Timeline Decide according to your needs.
Deliverables We provide you with raw data and analysis service.
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  • Identification of sequence differences and variations.
  • Identification of molecular structure from sequence alone.
  • The comparison of sequences in order to find similarity, often to deduce if they are homologous.
  • Identification of intrinsic features of the sequence, such as active sites, PTM sites, gene-structures, and regulatory elements.
  • Revealing the evolution and protein diversity of sequences and organisms.

Protein Sequence Analysis Service 3

Our advantages

  • CD ComputaBio use a variety of methods to provide you with protein sequence analysis services.
  • Short service period and high efficiency.
  • Nowadays, we can provide many tools and techniques are available to analyze the alignment product and provide the sequence comparisons to study its biology.

CD ComputaBio can offer you but not limited to:

CD ComputaBio provides corresponding protein sequence analysis service. Our services provides result that it is very useful for understanding the biochemical basis of physiological events. Our expert team can choose the most suitable analysis method for you, so you don't have to worry about technical issues. The CD ComputaBio team has been working in this field for more than ten years and has published his findings in top scientific journals.

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