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    • Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) Scientist
      • Job Types: Full-time, Contract

        Work Location: Long Island, NY

        Position Summary

        As a computational chemist, you will be proactively involved in projects by exhibiting excellent communication and problem-solving skills to demonstrate support to the client's projects. In addition, you will interact closely with team members, applying CADD methods to the hit-to-lead and lead optimization projects, presenting the modeling results to the client and communicating with the client on the design idea and strategies. You will also be responsible for the application of computational chemistry methods to identify, optimize and develop drug candidates.

        Education & Experience

        PhD/MS in computer-aided drug design (CADD) or computational chemistry or closely related discipline
        Expertise in computational methods: molecular docking, homology modeling, structure- and ligand-based design, conformational analysis, molecular dynamics, QSAR, binding free energy calculations
        Excellent oral communication and written skills
        Proficient with two or more of the modeling and cheminformatics software such as Schrodinger, MOE, Discovery Studio, Pipeline Pilot, Rosetta
        Familiarity with at least one programming language (Python, R, C, C++ …)
        Experience in AI technologies in drug discovery is a plus
        Team oriented with demonstrated collaborative behavior
        Ability to multi-task and project prioritization

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    • Senior Computational Biologist
      • Job Types: Full-time

        Work Location: USA

        Are you interested in integrating and analyzing complex, high-dimensional data sets and making significant contributions to our Drug Discovery Research and Development team? If so, this Computational Biology Senior Scientist role could be perfect for you. Come and join us.

        Duties and Responsibilities

        Closely collaborate with researchers and answer biological questions of interest by performing quality control of experimentally generated data, relevant statistical analyses of the processed data, and bioinformatics analyses to refine or interpret the resulting discoveries in the context of third-party knowledge from literature or other public databases.
        Build databases and software infrastructure to load, store, and organize the diverse data sets, associated metadata, and analysis results from the high-throughput assays, to facilitate efficient data retrieval and data mining.
        Collaborate with peer computational biologists in the lab and conduct cutting-edge bioinformatics and systems biology research.
        Develop and work with custom hardware and software solutions to accomplish various goals.
        Research, analyze, and improve software and associated data for health care / life sciences.

        Required Qualifications

        Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology/chemistry, or related discipline.
        3 -5 years of work experience in research institutes or biotech/pharmaceutical industry.
        Solid computer programming skills with proficiency in Matlab/R, SQL, and at least one scripting language (Perl/Python/Ruby). Proficiency in C/C++ and/or Java and experience with multiple operating system platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Skilled in using environments such as Unity, graph search algorithms and machine learning.
        Previous experience developing scientific solutions and prototyping ideas with cutting-edge technologies combining computer science, software, data science, machine learning and health care / life sciences innovations.
        Ability to work with and understand the needs of biologists and other software users.
        Publications in computational biology.

        * Not accepting calls from applicants.

    • Bioinformatics Scientist
      • Job Types: Full-time

        Work Location: USA

        We are currently searching for a Bioinformatics Scientist to provide support to the Drug Discovery Research and Development Projects.

        Duties & Responsibilities

        Perform computational analysis, integration, and modeling of diverse data sets, including DNA and protein/peptide arrays, bulk and single-cell RNAseq, highly multiplexed CITE-seq panel, highly multiplexed serum proteomics, and pathogen discovery by sequencing.
        Perform computational epidemiology incorporating and applying techniques from epidemiology, molecular biology, applied mathematics, theoretical computer science, machine learning, and high-performance computing to develop novel computational methods for understanding and controlling spatio-temporal disease spread.
        Liaison with IT and high-performance computing teams to set up, develop, and maintain necessary computational infrastructure and tools for research.
        Prepare scientific manuscripts and presentations.


        Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology/epidemiology or related discipline.
        A minimum of two (2) years of experience analyzing bulk and single-cell RNA-Seq, serum proteome, microbiome profiling or similar datasets.
        Practical knowledge of, and skilled in, computerized data analysis, database management, and computer programming sufficient for the analysis of genomics datasets, including experience with the operation and maintenance of computers with Linux, Mac OS, or Microsoft operating systems.
        Programming experience in environments such as Linux, Bioconductor R, Perl and/or Python.
        Computer programming skills with proficiency in R and at least one scripting language (Perl/Python/Ruby).
        Proficiency in C/C++ and/or Java as well as experience with multiple OS platforms, and experience with database design and construction, and dynamical system theory and modeling are a plus.

        * Not accepting calls from applicants.

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