Calculation Service of Hydrogen Bond and Halogen Bond

Hydrogen bond

When a hydrogen atom is covalently combined with an atom of greater electronegativity, the hydrogen atom will show a strong positive charge. The interaction between these two atoms is called a hydrogen bond. The hydrogen bond has saturation and directionality.

Calculation Service of Hydrogen Bond and Halogen Bond 1

Calculation Service of Hydrogen Bond and Halogen Bond 2

Halogen Bonds

When a halogen atom is covalently combined with other atoms, due to the difference in the electrostatic potential distribution around the halogen atom, the halogen atom will exhibit amphiphilicity, that is, in the direction perpendicular to the covalent bond, the halogen atom exhibits nucleophilicity. It shows electrophilicity in the direction along the covalent bond axis. This electrophilic region is called "σ-hole." When the "σ-hole" and the atom as a Lewis base (such as N, O, S) are close to each other, the resulting interaction is called a halogen bond.

Overall solutions

Hydrogen bond and halogen bond are weak interactions, especially when the specific system they are in is relatively weak. At this time, the energy error caused by BSSE is likely to be the same as the weak interaction energy itself, giving unreliable results. CD ComputaBio provides you with the calculation of BSSE energy. It should be noted that the size of the BSSE is closely related to the size of the basis set. When the basis set increases, the BSSE decreases.

The basic process of calculating weak interaction energy (including BSSE correction):

  • First, optimize the structures of two independent molecules and complex molecules separately.
  • Use the optimized molecule as the initial structure, use a larger method basis set to calculate the single-point energy of two independent molecules, and perform BSSE calculations on the complex molecules.
  • Result analysis.

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Calculation Service of Hydrogen Bond and Halogen Bond 3The output file of the BSSE calculation will also give a value of the interaction energy, but this value is the composite energy minus the single-point energy calculated with the monomer structure in the composite as the initial configuration. The monomer configuration in the complex is different from the independently optimized monomer structure. Therefore, we need the independently optimized monomer structure as the initial configuration for single-point calculation to calculate the final interaction energy.

CD ComputaBio' calculation service of hydrogen bond and halogen bond reduces the cost of later experiment. Calculation service of hydrogen bond and halogen bond is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Before determining the corresponding analysis plan and price, each project needs to be evaluated. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.

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