ADC Antibody Screening

ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates) are a class of targeted therapies that combine the specificity of monoclonal antibodies with the effectiveness of small molecule drugs. ADCs show great promise for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, but their development requires careful screening and optimization to ensure efficacy and safety. At CD ComputaBio, we specialize in computer-assisted ADC antibody screening, providing services that utilize cutting-edge technology and software tools to create optimized ADCs.

Services Items

  • ADC antibody design: We use a variety of antibody design techniques to optimize the binding affinity and specificity of ADCs. Our team uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to design new antibody sequences that ensure optimal target binding and drug delivery.
  • Drug selection: Selecting an appropriate small molecule drug is a key component of the ADC design process. Our team can help you select the most appropriate drug candidate based on factors such as efficacy, pharmacokinetics and toxicity profile.
  • In vitro and in vivo screening: We offer in vitro and in vivo screening services to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ADC candidates. Our team can perform cell-based assays, animal studies, and pharmacokinetic modeling to evaluate the performance of each candidate molecule.
  • Anti-Ab ADC: We also offer a unique Anti-Ab ADC service to evaluate the internalization abilities of targeted antibodies via assessing the toxic effects generated by Anti-Ab ADC. We aim to select the best ADC antibodies for your project.


At CD ComputaBio, we use a variety of software tools and algorithms to perform computer-assisted ADC antibody screening. Some of the key solutions we offer include:

Figure 1. Our solutions.Figure 1. Our solutions. (Fu Y, Sun Y N, Yi K H, et al.2018)

  • Homology modeling: Homology modeling involves predicting the 3D structure of a protein based on its sequence similarity to a known structure. Our team can use this technique to design novel antibody sequences with high binding affinity and specificity for the target protein.
  • Virtual Screening: We use virtual screening algorithms to analyze large databases of small molecule compounds and identify potential drug candidates for ADC development. Our team can use these techniques to select drugs with optimal pharmacokinetics and toxicity.


  • AutoDock Vina: Our team uses AutoDock Vina to optimize the design of small molecule drugs for ADCs.
  • Rosetta: We use Rosetta to design novel antibody sequences with high binding affinity and specificity.
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM): SVM can be used to predict the activity and toxicity of potential drug candidates and optimize ADC design.


  • Advanced antibody discovery platform including hybridoma and phage display.
  • Comprehensive antibody development solutions to support ADC antibody screening.
  • Fully armed with a broad range of expertise across various disciplines.

Why Choose Us?

With an advanced antibody screening platform and extensive experience in ADC design, production and analysis, CD ComputaBio is fully equipped to handle ADC antibody screening. With our expertise technology and software tools, we can help you design efficient and effective ADCs that target specific proteins and deliver potent drugs that offer new opportunities for disease treatment.


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