Flexible Peptide Docking

Flexible docking means that the conformation of the research system can basically be changed freely during the docking process. Generally used to accurately consider the recognition between molecules. Now, CD ComputaBio offers flexible peptide docking service to meet the specific needs of different customers.


First, a sequence-based skeleton image collection is generated, and the Monte Carlo sampling and coarse-grained model are used to quickly simulate the "folding" process of the polypeptide near the binding pocket, and then under the all-atom model, the skeleton structure and side chain arrangement are explicitly optimized. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is not sensitive to the initial input conformation and does not need to predict the specific conformation of the polypeptide. The user only needs to place the polypeptide near the possible binding pocket.

Overall solutions

1. Defines the initial complex conformation

2. Generate short peptide fragments

3. The generation of the skeleton structure is divided into two stages:

Coarse-graining stage: Through simulated annealing, fragment insertion based on fragments, and translation and rotation between rigid bodies, a large number of bone structure image sampling is performed to simulate the conformational changes of local polypeptides. These three disturbance methods have their own trigger probabilities.

Optimization stage: After a small amplitude dihedral angle perturbation sampling (shear & small mover) is performed on the skeleton, the energy between the rigid bodies is minimized, and the arrangement of the side chain Rotamer is calculated. In this stage, the weights of the attractive and repulsive potentials of van der Waals forces are continuously adjusted until they return to the default values.

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Project name Flexible peptide docking
Our services CD ComputaBio offers flexible peptide docking service to meet the specific needs of different customers.
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