Antibody Aggregation Prediction


Antibody Aggregation Prediction

Protein aggregation is a biological phenomenon in which intrinsically disordered or misfolded proteins aggregate (i.e., accumulate and gather together) inside or outside the cell. Misfolded protein aggregates are often associated with disease. In fact, protein aggregates are involved in a variety of diseases called amyloidosis, including ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and prion diseases. CD ComputaBio provides a wide range of industry-leading antibody design platforms and services to improve antibody stability and reduce antibody aggregation. We can customize the discovery and development path to meet your exact needs.

Overall solutions

If the protein aggregation tendency is found too late in the development stage, the antibody sequence cannot be modified. Therefore, it is very important to predict and combine rational design in early detection to improve antibody stability. Studies have shown that certain sequence or structural features, called aggregation prone regions (APR), can drive protein aggregation. Recently, many computational methods have been developed to predict APR in mAbs and rationalize antibody sequences. At CD ComputaBio, we have a proprietary software platform to predict APR in mAbs and rationalize antibody sequences. These platforms include:

  • Aggrescan (aggregate scan)
  • PAGE (aggregate prediction)
  • TANGO (a statistical mechanics algorithm)
  • Zyggregator, Amylpred (amyloid prediction)
  • Spatial aggregation propensity (SAP)

In addition to the above design, CD ComputaBio also provides other optimization strategies to improve antibody stability, including:

  • Single point mutations in APRs
  • Design glycosylation sites near APR and partially mask these residues with carbohydrates

Both of these methods result in a reduction in aggregation and monomer loss by up to 4 times. These single mutations in the Fab domain and the new glycosylation pattern will not change the binding to the target. Therefore, by removing or masking APR or excluding protein-protein interactions, antibodies with increased anti-aggregation stability can be produced in a reasonable manner.

Why choose us?

  • CD ComputaBio's antibody specific prediction service shows a significant reduction in aggregation tendency while maintaining antigen binding
  • Our antibody aggregation prediction service can significantly reduce the burden of new therapeutic antibodies and proteins, and provide a more effective way for clinical research.
  • CD ComputaBio has established a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with efficient, fast, practical and feasible solutions.
  • CD ComputaBio has in-depth cooperation with many pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, and has extensive experience in providing them with high-quality services.

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Our services CD ComputaBio offers antibody aggregation prediction service to meet the specific needs of different customers.
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CD ComputaBio provides professional antibody aggregation prediction service to meet the specific needs of regular customers on time and according to budget. CD ComputaBio relies on world-class technical expertise, we provide customers with the best quality one-stop antibody aggregation prediction service, including the development of scientific procedures according to different solution needs. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project. If you want to know more service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.

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