Ubiquitination Prediction


Ubiquitination Prediction

Ubiquitination refers to a process in which ubiquitin molecules classify proteins in cells under the action of a series of special enzymes, select target protein molecules from them, and specifically modify the target protein. These special enzymes include ubiquitin-activating enzymes, conjugating enzymes, ligases and degrading enzymes. Ubiquitination plays a very important role in protein localization, metabolism, function, regulation and degradation. At the same time, it is also involved in the regulation of almost all life activities such as cell cycle, proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, metastasis, gene expression, transcription regulation, signal transmission, damage repair, inflammation and immunity. Ubiquitination is closely related to the onset of tumors and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, as a major achievement of biochemical research in recent years, it has become a new target for research and development of new drugs. Now, CD ComputaBio offers ubiquitination prediction service to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Overall solutions

  • CD ComputaBio can provide you with a professional ubiquitin-proteomics analysis platform to help you solve the research problems of ubiquitination identification and quantification.
  • Through comprehensive protein ubiquitination prediction services, CD ComputaBio can quickly, accurately and efficiently analyze changes in various disease-related protein modifications to meet the needs for biomarker identification and drug target screening.
  • In CD ComputaBio, many excellent and experienced experts will optimize the experimental program according to your requirements to ensure the predicted results of protein ubiquitination. CD ComputaBio provides a wide range of technologies for ubiquitin research, which can quantify protein quantity and ubiquitination modification. Please feel free to contact to discuss your specific needs.

Why choose us?

  • CD ComputaBio has extensive knowledge and experience in ubiquitination prediction service. We have collaborated with many biotech companies and many scientists in research institutes. We have rich experience in this area to meet your scientific research needs.
  • CD ComputaBio will complete your project on time and efficiently and meet your requirements.
  • CD ComputaBio has established a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with efficient, fast, practical and feasible solutions.

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Project name Ubiquitination prediction
Our services CD ComputaBio offers ubiquitination prediction service to meet the specific needs of different customers.
Timeline Decide according to your needs.
Deliverable We provide you with raw data and analysis service.
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CD ComputaBio provides professional ubiquitination prediction service to meet the specific needs of regular customers on time and according to budget. CD ComputaBio relies on world-class technical expertise, we provide customers with the best quality one-stop ubiquitination prediction service, including the development of experimental procedures according to different experimental needs. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project. If you want to know more service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.

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