Computational Simulation Drawing Software


As we all know, the quality of graphs and charts plays an important role in a good paper, and the quality of graphs and charts in a paper often determines whether the paper will be accepted or not. Here, we will introduce several software commonly used in research papers, which we hope can help you.

Materials Studio

Materials Studio is a powerful simulation tool for modeling three-dimensional structures in materials or chemical research, and for conducting in-depth studies of the properties and processes of various crystalline, amorphous and polymeric materials. Whether it is for conformational optimization, property prediction and X-ray diffraction analysis, or complex kinetic simulations and quantum mechanical calculations, we can get realistic and reliable data with a few easy-to-learn operations.Materials Studio software enables any researcher to achieve materials simulation capabilities that are in line with the world's leading research departments. The simulations cover major topics in materials and chemical research such as catalysts, polymers, solids and surfaces, crystals and diffraction, and chemical reactions.

Computational Simulation Drawing Software


Origin is one of the most commonly used graphing software for researchers, but most people use origin for graphing. Origin includes a variety of sophisticated mathematical analysis functions, including statistics, signal processing, peak analysis, and curve fitting. To perform data analysis, you simply import the raw data into Origin and select the appropriate menu command. In the plotting function, Origin itself provides dozens of 2D and 3D plotting templates, and also allows you to customize the templates, so you can import data and customize the math functions, graph styles, and plotting templates as needed.

Computational Simulation Drawing Software


CrystalMaker is crystal and molecular structure visualization software that has won acclaim for creating, displaying and manipulating a wide range of crystal molecule structures. crystalMaker provides a streamlined workflow in terms of productivity, allowing users to simply drag and drop data files into the program to instantly display photo-realistic colors and manipulate crystal structures in real time with the mouse. CrystalMaker offers a wide range of pattern types, including traditional "ball & stick", space-filling, polyhedral, wireframe, and thermal ellipsoids patterns. Each mode type can be extensively customized using the photo-realistic simpler and line-art display options.

Computational Simulation Drawing Software


ChemDraw has five components, ranging from flat structures to three-dimensional graphics, from structural graphics to structural information, from static studies to dynamic presentations. The basic function is to edit and draw all kinds of chemical related structure graphics, such as creating and editing all kinds of molecular formulae, equations, structural formulae, three-dimensional graphics, symmetry graphics, orbitals, etc., and to edit, flip, scale, copy, rotate, store and paste the graphics. Advanced features include: new functions for generating molecular models, building and managing chemical information libraries, and spectrochemical tools.

Computational Simulation Drawing Software

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