ADC Payloads Synthesis Service


ADC Payloads Synthesis Service

Payloads are cytotoxic agents that bind to target-specific monoclonal antibodies via covalent linker molecules to produce ADCs. this biomolecule leads to target-tracking drugs that have shown potent efficacy in cancer therapy. ADC payloads are typically complex structures produced through a 10-20 step synthetic process or by semi-synthesis. Given that the purity of the payload has a direct impact on the quality of ADCs, the production of these compounds with high purity is the main challenge.

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CD ComputaBio offers payload synthesis services based on the chemical nature of the payload, as well as the specificity of our client's project. Once assembled, the payload connector will bind to the antibody. To meet these requirements, we have developed an advanced technology platform based on our extensive experience in payloads. Our services include:

  • ADC Payload Design

CD ComputaBio provides professional computational simulation services for ADC payload design. It includes the selection of the appropriate linker and the binding of the drug to the target antibody. The design is based on knowledge of the target antigen structure and drug properties. This ensures optimal performance of ADCs in vivo.

  • Synthesis of ADC payloads

CD ComputaBio offers high quality ADC synthesis services. We use a variety of chemical conjugation methods (e.g., click chemistry, amide bond formation) to synthesize ADC payloads. Our experienced chemists can customize conjugation methods to the specific requirements of each project.

  • Characterization of ADC payloads

CD ComputaBio offers comprehensive physical and chemical characterization of ADC payloads. We use a range of analytical techniques to determine ADC purity, molecular weight, drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR), and stability. This characterization helps ensure that the ADC payload meets the required quality standards.

  • Optimization and validation

We optimize the ADC synthesis process and validate it to ensure that the final product meets the required specifications.


  • Design linkers with optimal size
  • Select linkers with suitable release mechanism
  • Engineer linkers with compatible conjugation chemistry
  • Synthesize customized linkers
  • Modify payload drug
  • Design synthesis routes
  • Synthesize customized payload-linker complexes

Quality control

  • Method development, transfer and validation
  • IPC
  • Release testing
  • Stability studies


  • Detailed report on ADC payload design, synthesis, and characterization
  • ADC payload purity data
  • ADC payload molecular weight data
  • Drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) analysis data
  • ADC stability data


  • Extensive experience and senior scientists.
  • Advanced chemistry platform with experienced chemists.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end payload services.

Why Choose Us?

ADC payload synthesis services are an important step in the development of ADCs for cancer therapeutics. CD ComputaBio provides high-quality ADC payload synthesis services, which include ADC payload design, synthesis and characterization. Our experienced chemists and computational experts use a range of techniques and algorithms to optimize the ADC synthesis process and ensure that the final product meets the required quality standards. Contact us to learn more about our ADC payload synthesis services.

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