Antibody Library Screening

Computer-assisted antibody library screening is a revolutionary approach that combines advanced computational techniques with high-throughput antibody screening methods. This innovative process quickly and efficiently identifies target-specific antibodies with superior affinity and specificity. Utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms and bioinformatics tools, our antibody library screening service provides an efficient solution for antibody discovery and greatly accelerates the drug development process.


Antibody Library Screening

  • Data Collection and Analysis: We collect comprehensive data on the target proteins, including sequence information, structural data, and function. This forms the basis of our computational screening process.
  • Library Preparation: We work with you to prepare or optimize antibody libraries to ensure their quality, diversity, and compatibility with the screening process.
  • Computational Screening: We perform virtual screening to identify potential candidate antibodies with high affinity and specificity for the target protein using advanced algorithms and bioinformatics tools.
  • In silico characterization: The screened antibodies are subjected to extensive in silico analysis to assess their binding properties, structural characteristics, and potential for further development.

Feature Services Items

  • Library Analysis and Preparation: We meticulously analyze and optimize your antibody library, ensuring its potential for successful screening. Our experts apply rigorous protocols for library preparation, enhancing the diversity and quality of the library.
  • Computational Screening: Combining cutting-edge algorithms and bioinformatics tools, our computational screening process efficiently filters the antibody library, identifying potential hits with high affinity for the target of interest. Our in-house software platforms and computational resources enable rapid analysis and accurate predictions.
  • In Silico Characterization: We conduct in silico characterization of the selected antibody candidates to evaluate their binding specificity, affinity, and potential structural features. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights for subsequent experimental validation.
  • Experimental Validation: Once the in silico predictions are made, we offer additional services to experimentally validate the selected antibody candidates. Our team can perform biochemical and biophysical assays to confirm binding affinity, selectivity, and other crucial parameters.

Further Service

  • Lead Optimization: If desired, we offer lead optimization services to enhance the selected antibody candidates, improving their affinity, stability, and pharmacokinetic properties.
  • In Vitro Assays: Our team can perform a range of in vitro assays to evaluate the selected antibodies' functional activity, such as neutralization assays, cytotoxicity assays, and more.
  • Structural Analysis: We provide structural analysis services, including X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy, to determine the antibody-antigen complex structure, facilitating rational drug design.

Our Features

  • Cutting-edge technology: We utilize the latest computational methods and bioinformatics tools to ensure accurate and efficient screening of antibody libraries.
  • Expert team: Our team consists of experienced scientists and bioinformaticians with in-depth knowledge of antibody engineering and computational biology.
  • Customization: We understand that every project has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer a customized approach to meet your specific goals and targets.

Why Choose Us?

CD ComputaBio is dedicated to supporting your research endeavors, helping you unlock the potential of antibody-based therapeutics, and driving scientific breakthroughs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements or schedule a consultation with our team of experts. Together, we can drive innovation and make a significant impact in the field of antibody therapeutics.

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