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In thermodynamics, enthalpy is used to characterize the state parameter of the system. When the state of a system does not change, the system has a unique enthalpy value represented by the letter H, which is defined as:

H = U + pV

Where U is the total internal energy of the system, p is the pressure of the system, and V is the volume of the system.

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Enthalpy change

When the system changes from one state to another, the enthalpy will correspondingly change from H (initial) to H (final). The change in enthalpy value is called enthalpy change. The letter ΔH means:

ΔH = H(final) – H(initial)

Overall solutions

The process of calculating system reaction enthalpy change:

Enthalpy Change Calculation Service 2

  • Optimize molecular structure and perform frequency calculation at the same time
  • On the basis of the optimized structure, a larger basis set is used for single point energy calculation (we use the structure obtained in the first step optimization as the initial structure. The single point energy of the two conformations is calculated under the larger basis set.)
  • Calculate the standard molar reaction enthalpy change

CD ComputaBio can provide you with the following services:

  • Calculation of Standard Molar Enthalpy of Formation
  • Calculate the standard molar reaction enthalpy for conformational transformation
  • Calculate the standard molar reaction enthalpy change

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