Multiple Targeting Drug Design Services

Significance of multi targeting drug design

The advantage of multi targeting drug design technology is to provide new ideas for the development of new drugs, make full use of the structural information of known compounds, and to a certain extent avoid the waste of research and development resources and accelerate the speed of new drug development. It has strong feasibility and broad development prospects, and may become an important tool for new drug research and development.

Process of multi targeting drug design services

Process of multi targeting drug design services

  • First detect the cracks or cavities on the surface of the protein, encode the geometric and physical and chemical properties of the cavity.
  • Then compare to find a set of targets with similar cavity characteristics.
  • Multi-target ligands can finally be designed based on the set of targets with similar cavity characteristics.

Our multi targeting drug design services

Project Name Multiple Targeting Drug Design Services
Samples requirement Our multiple targeting drug design service requires you to provide specific drug screening requirements.
Timeline Decide according to your needs.
Deliverables We provide you with raw data and calculation result analysis service.
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CD ComputaBio also provides you with

  • Feasibility assessment of new drug targets.
  • High-throughput screening and active compound discovery based on structural design.
  • Discovery of active compounds to lead compounds.
  • Optimization of lead compounds to determination of preclinical drug candidates.
  • Research on structure-activity relationship.

Advantages of multi-target drugs

Advantages of multi-target drugs

  • Multi-target drugs can effectively regulate the complex system of the entire cell.
  • Multi-target drugs do not completely eliminate the relationship between members in the signaling system.
  • Multi-target drugs can improve efficacy and improve safety, acting on multiple targets related to disease, producing multiple pharmacological activities, obtaining the required diverse biological regulation functions, and reducing side effects.

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