Computational Peptide Services

Peptides are compounds formed by linking α-amino acids together by peptide bonds, and are intermediate products of protein hydrolysis. Dipeptides are formed by dehydration and condensation of two amino acid molecules, and analogously, there are tripeptides, tetrapeptides, pentapeptides and so on. A peptide composed of three or more amino acid molecules is called a polypeptide. Now, CD ComputaBio offers computational peptide services to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Peptide drug.Figure 1. Peptide drug.

Overall solutions

With the maturity of biotechnology and peptide synthesis technology, more and more peptide drugs have been developed and applied in clinical practice. Because of the wide range of indications, high safety, and significant efficacy, it is very important to study the stability and binding affinity of peptide drugs at the computational level. CD ComputaBio can offer you with the following computational peptide services but not limited to:

computational peptide services
  • Peptide homologous modeling service
  • Peptide molecular dynamics simulation
  • Peptide molecular docking
  • Analysis of peptide amino acid interaction network
  • Cyclic peptide structure prediction service
  • Peptide drug binding affinity calculation service
  • Peptide drug energy calculation service

computational peptide

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  • CD ComputaBio provides professional computational peptide related services. Our services are of great significance to drug research and scientific research experiments.
  • CD ComputaBio will complete your project on time and efficiently. We have professional after-sales service. Provide customers with efficient and feasible solutions.
  • CD ComputaBio cooperates with scientists from many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide quality assurance services.

Our services

Project name Computational peptide services
Our services CD ComputaBio offers computational peptide service to meet the specific needs of different customers.
Timeline Decide according to your needs.
Deliverables We provide you with raw data and analysis service.
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CD ComputaBio provides professional computational peptide services to meet the specific needs of our customers on time and on budget. CD ComputaBio relies on world-class technical expertise, we provide customers with the best quality one-stop computational peptide service, including the development of solutions according to different scientific research needs. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.

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