Proteomic Analysis of Post-translational Modifications Service

Post-translational modification refers to the chemical modification of a protein after translation. For most proteins, this is a later step in protein biosynthesis. The specific position of the protein amino acid sequence can be covalently combined with chemical groups or small molecular weight proteins to cause protein post-translational modifications (PTMs). Compared with the protein without modification, PTMs will cause the molecular weight of the specific sequence. increase. In the identification process of the post-translational modification of the protein, the protein is firstly digested into peptides and then analyzed by mass spectrometry; through mass spectrometry analysis, the molecular mass information of a series of peptides is obtained. For a specific peptide, its sequence information and molecular weight are determined without any post-translational modification. Now, CD ComputaBio's bioinformatics scientists are pleased to tell you that we are willing to help you with PTM proteome analysis services!

Overall solutions

Protein PTM can generate a variety of different protein species, thereby compensating for the inconsistency between relatively few coding genes and the large number of variable regulators required by complex organisms. At present, the most important processes of PTM are phosphorylation, lysine acetylation, ubiquitination and proteolysis. PTM act as molecular switches and may initiate and inhibit the interaction of proteins with DNA, cofactors, lipids, and other proteins. CD ComputaBio provides PTM services from the following three aspects:

  • PTM prediction analysis
  • Conserved sequence analysis of PTMs
  • PTM crosstalk analysis

Our advantages

  • The team of CD ComputaBio has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We work with many from all over the world, and our service quality is guaranteed.
  • Our research supervisor and project manager will complete your project on time through open communication channels and meet your requirements.
  • CD ComputaBio has established a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with efficient, fast and practical solutions.

Our services

Project name Proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications service
Our services
  • PTM prediction analysis
    Our PTM prediction analysis service includes phosphorylation site prediction, glycosylation site prediction, N-terminal site prediction and other post-translational modification prediction analysis
  • Conserved sequence analysis of PTMs
  • PTM crosstalk analysis
Sample requirements Our proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications service requires you to provide specific requirements.
Screening cycle Decide according to your needs.
Deliverables We provide you with raw data and analysis service.
Price Inquiry

CD ComputaBio' proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications service can significantly reduce the cost and labor of the subsequent experiments. Proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Each project needs to be evaluated before the corresponding analysis plan and price can be determined. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.

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