Peptide Molecular Dynamics Analysis Service

Peptide Molecular Dynamics Analysis Service

Peptide drugs represent a unique class of pharmaceutical compounds used for disease prevention and diagnosis. Peptides, as intrinsic signal molecules of many physiological and cellular functions, provide opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Due to the similarity of peptides to natural pathways, intervention can closely mimic natural pathways. Compared with small molecule drugs, peptide drugs have many outstanding features. Peptides are relatively easy to synthesize and modify due to their low molecular weight. The high specificity and biological activity of peptide drugs often lead to reduced toxicity. Therefore, as a huge family, peptide drugs are one of the most promising directions in the field of drug research and development, as well as the most active and fastest growing part. CD ComputaBio provides you with professional peptide molecular dynamics analysis service to meet your scientific research needs.

Overall solutions

We provide you with professional peptide drug molecular dynamics simulation results analysis services, including:

  • Hydrogen bond analysis service:Hydrogen bond is a weak force, which occurs when a lone pair of electrons exists in a strongly negatively charged atom when a hydrogen atom is bonded to another negatively charged atom.
  • Hydrophobic interaction analysis service: Hydrophobic interaction is the main driving force of protein folding.
  • Electrostatic interaction analysis service: Classical interaction analysis can determine the dominant force in the process of interaction between peptide drugs and receptors.
  • Energy analysis: including combined free energy calculation and energy decomposition calculation
  • Amino acid interaction network analysis: It can help determine which amino acids contribute a lot in the process of interaction between peptide drugs and receptors.
  • Cluster analysis service: Cluster analysis or clustering is the main task of exploratory data mining, and it is also a common technique for statistical data analysis.

Our advantages

Our advantages

  • We have successfully generated a variety of analyses to provide different industry solutions for peptide drug discovery.
  • You can inform us the analysis service of peptide drug molecular dynamics results according to your own scientific research needs, and you can also choose the appropriate force field according to your needs. We will provide one-stop professional services.
  • Every step of our peptide molecular dynamics analysis service has strict quality control to ensure that our customers receive high-quality data.

Why choose us?

CD ComputaBio's research team has an advanced technology platform. We are confident to tailor a one-stop target verification service in a high-quality and cost-effective manner to help you achieve your goals and make smart project decisions. In addition, we have specialized consulting services, you only need to briefly describe your service needs to our staff, and we will develop a professional solution for you. Our service will quickly meet your specific needs at a very competitive price. If you have some specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to help your R&D project succeed.

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