Transmembrane Prediction Services

The transmembrane region is the region of the protein sequence that spans the cell membrane. It is usually an α-helical structure with about 20-25 amino acid residues. Most of the amino acids that constitute the transmembrane protein are hydrophobic amino acids. It is indispensable to predict the transmembrane region of the sequence. Generally, membrane proteins cannot be expressed in a prokaryotic expression system. If the transmembrane region is predicted for the sequence and there is a transmembrane region in the sequence, then a eukaryotic expression system needs to be selected for expression in the follow-up. If a prokaryotic expression system is needed for expression, the transmembrane region sequence must be knocked out. CD ComputaBio is proud to provide our clients with the most accurate transmembrane prediction services.

TransmembraneFigure 1. Transmembrane.

Overall solutions

  • There are three values in the prediction results of the transmembrane zone: Inside, Outside, and Transmembrane.
  • Inside represents the intracellular region. The larger the value of inside, the greater the possibility that the amino acid is located in the intracellular region.
  • Outside represents the extracellular region. The larger the value of outside, the greater the possibility that the amino acid is located in the extracellular region.
  • Transmembrane represents the transmembrane region, the larger the value of Transmembrane, the greater the possibility that the amino acid is in the transmembrane region.

Our method

  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Statistical analysis of known database
  • Dense Alignment Surface (DAS) method
  • Machine learning method

Our services

Project name Transmembrane Prediction Services
Samples requirement Our transmembrane prediction services in protein sequences requires you to provide specific requirements.
Timeline Decide according to your needs.
Deliverables We provide you with raw data and analysis service.
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Transmembrane Prediction Services

Our advantages

  • CD ComputaBio use a variety of methods to provide you with motif discovery services in protein sequences.
  • Short service period and high efficiency.
  • Nowadays, we can provide many tools and techniques are available to analyze the alignment product and provide the sequence comparisons to study its biology.

CD ComputaBio can offer you but not limited to:

CD ComputaBio provides corresponding transmembrane prediction services. Our services provides result that it is very useful for understanding the biochemical basis of physiological events. Our expert team can choose the most suitable analysis method for you, so you don't have to worry about technical issues. The CD ComputaBio team has been working in this field for more than ten years and has published his findings in top scientific journals.
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