NMDS Analysis

What is NMDS Analysis?

The non-metric multidimensional scaling method is a data analysis method that reduces the research objects (samples or variables) in the multidimensional space to the low-dimensional space for positioning, analysis and classification, while retaining the original relationship between the objects. It is suitable for situations where precise similarity or dissimilarity data cannot be obtained between the research objects, but only the hierarchical relationship data between them can be obtained. Its basic feature is to treat the similarity or dissimilarity data between objects as a monotonic function of the distance between points. On the basis of maintaining the original data order relationship, replace the original data with new data columns of the same order for metric multi-dimensional scale analysis.

Overall solutions

The basic steps in a non-metric MDS algorithm are:

  • Find a random configuration of points, e. g. by sampling from a normal distribution.
  • Calculate the distances d between the points.
  • Find the optimal monotonic transformation of the proximities, in order to obtain optimally scaled data f(x).
  • Minimize the stress between the optimally scaled data and the distances by finding a new configuration of points.
  • Compare the stress to some criterion. If the stress is small enough then exit the algorithm else return to 2.

Software and algorithm

Qiime calculates the beta diversity distance matrix, and the R language vegan software package is used for NMDS analysis and mapping.

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